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Physician Coaching with with Jacquie Jhass, MD


Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

There was a time before coaching when I thought of coaching that way… but now I LOVE my job as a family doctor again. I am doing this not to get out of it, but to help others find joy in and outside of their careers too!

No, these tools mean  I don’t have to be, and neither do you ! ( but you can totally  go for it if that is your dream)

This s#$t is better than cupcakes. ( which I am now able to not even want because of these incredibly transferable skills, by the way)

As The Rolling Stones tell us, “Time is on our side, yes it is.” So give  yourself the gift of THIS time NOW. It will come back to you,  and then some.

Yes. You deserve it, you are worthy. I remember thinking that with my first coaching. When I look back now I think “that’s it?!” . If I knew then the impact this would have on all aspects of my life, I would have happily paid way more

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