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Physician Coaching with Jacquie Jhass, MD

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Physician Coaching with with Jacquie Jhass, MD

Hi, I’m Jacquie Jhass, MD

Let’s work together to take you
from overwhelmed to overjoyed !

Hi, I’m Jacquie
Jhass, MD

Let’s work together
to take you from
overwhelmed to
overjoyed !

You are so used to putting the needs of your patients, your family, your friends before yours.
As physicians we are trained to tend to everyone else first, to not eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom
when we need to if there is work to be done. We neglect our “Me”, and only tend to it with
whatever scraps of time, energy, or thought that is left when everything else is done.

But our ME needs some love!

We are so much more than medicine. You have the power to be an amazing
doctor AND still be our best badass self outside of medicine.

Recover From
& Prevent Burnout

Even if the system seems broken, you don’t have to be.  Heal yourself first, then we can shake it up!


Find Your Power
& Take Charge

Find efficiency and the time you don’t seem to  have. 


Change Your

Ditch the doubt, and
handle that heart sink 

During our time together, you will learn how to take charge of your life, whether you
want to find joy and love in your current position or transition to something new.

 If you:

Know exactly who I’m talking about when I say heart sink

Review what you already know, or already did, just in case

Feel like more and more is being dumped on your plate and it pisses you off

Spend hours charting after patients have left

Don’t have time to….change anything, or work on yourself  or

do what you want to do outside of work


You deserve better ! 

Are you ready to learn how to get there?

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